​​​​​Welcome to The Herb Lady.

We are here to assist you on your road to healthWith lots of new products that our customers rave about having changed their lives to our good old standbys that have made a difference to our customers for years. So come on down to Rock Blvd. in Sparks ​and get healthy and happy again.

Everyone had a good time looking at our products.

Come see all of our Pine cones

Nancy kept the party going with great music.

Been studying on this flu outbreak and found a correlation to the great flu of 1918, during WWI.

A Dr. Krebs of Carson City noticed the Washoe Tribe was not getting sick from it and dying.  Found that they were eating a root from the local Sierra Nevada Range, Lomatium dissectium.  He wrote, “There is probably no therapeutic agent so valuable in the treatment of influenza pneumonia and, … it is a powerful tonic to the respiratory mucous membranes.  It is a bronchial, intestinal and urinary antiseptic and it seems to stimulate the lungs and stomach.”  Lomatium does not taste good, but it works.

Even worked on a nasty stomach flu that I got and finally tried it for that and took it out in 2 days.

Lomatium is a broad spectrum plant, antibiotic, Virastatic, Bacteriostatic, Fungicidal, (Influenza, colds, respiratory and urinary infections, Staph and strep infections, difficult viral infections,  fungus infection, skin infection, warts, etc.) according to Scott J. Gregory, author of  A Holistic Protocol for the Immune System.

I love to support the locals and found a company near Reno that has it and the family is involved in the gathering and processing.  LOVE THAT!  So I have it at
The Herb Lady, call, email or coming running on down and protect yourself.  It worked for me a few years ago and now it is working for people here keeping them well and happy to NOT be sick.  Hope to see or hear from you soon.

Yea,  first class went great.  Hope you can make the next one on May 15th at 6 PM, at The Herb Lady. 

Not sure what I am going to talk about, but you can be sure it will be about building the immune system and The Gut! 

I am really excited about this and hope you can make it.   AND ALL CLASSES ARE FREE!

The Herb Lady

The food was a popular stop with some really good treats by Chef Jim.

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Root of Happiness out of Sacramento sent us some most excellent Kava for our party.  

Nutrasumma's Apple Pie Pea Protein was a big hit, we sold out!

We are getting in some new products that the store has not carried before,

so come on down and check them out.  They taste good and

they are good for you, too!

The Grand Opening  went great !   From October, 2017

Thanks to all that came and enjoyed all that great food made by former Hyatt chef, Jim.  We had great music by Nancy, lots of samples from Nutrasumma (everyone loved their new Apple Pie Protein) and  Teeccino Herbal  Coffees that aren't coffee and free cookies for everyone from Alternative Baking Company.  We had some new items that were tried, like our Kava from Root of Happiness and the Sweet Drops from Sweet Leaf.  They were also big hits.


Chef Jim cooked up some mighty fine fixin's for the party.

It got a little crazy toward the end of the party, but everyone had fun, lots of food, and lots of samples, and it turned out great.

And our lovely Brenda evaded the camera, but she was a great asset as always that day.

​CLASSES on third Tuesday of the month


We are now carrying a new product line that everyone is talking about. 

CBD Oil that can be taken internally. 

Several flavors are available with different therapeutic abilities. 

We have Plain, also Peppermint orGinger for that tummy, Turmeric for inflammation, GABA for the neuroreceptors in the brain,L-Tryptophan and my new favorite with Valerian to help with SLEEP!

These are all 100% Natural, Nutrient Rich, Vegan, Non-GMO,

certified Organically Grown, Solvent Free, Industrial Hemp.

And now also available.. Canine CBD.  My dogs love it and their gimps are gone!

Our CBD Gold is available in a full range of therapeutic formulations, sizes and strengths:

 100 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg and now 2500 mg

​So give us a call or come on down and check these new items out.  775-356-1499