​​​The Herb Lady

The food was a popular stop with some really good treats by Chef Jim.

Hours of Operation

Sunday and Monday...... Closed

Tuesday thru Friday........ 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Saturday...................................... 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

​​​​​​New Product Alert

Just in.. TERPENE CREAM!!!


Brand new on the market and The Herb Lady is the first to carry it.

 We are so excited about this and so are our customers that have tried it. It works on Arthritis, Injuries from falling, Psoriasis, bad discs, sore muscles, headaches, pain and swelling from poison oak, and many others.

  ​​It is one of those products that comes along seldom, but you thank your lucky stars you found it.  With soothing Organic Coconut Oil, Raw Honey and Beeswax with added essential oils (terpenes), it is great for moisturizing and calming the skin, not to mention a myriad of other issues. Everyone that has tried it, LOVES it. Come in now and try our Terpene Cream, I am sure you will be just as sold on it as everyone! 

  I personally have had excellent results on a terrible fall that occurred 3 years ago that injured my knee, hip, sciatica and blew a disc all at once. I rub it on these areas twice a day and the Pain is gone!!

  We have some new varieties now that I am sure you will just love. Wake Up, Nite Nite, Kandy Land and some specific for our best friends, our pup pups.  Come in and try them.

 We now have Nite Nite, to help you rest better or relax.  And our Wake Up is great for getting some energy going, especially in the afternoon.  We use Pure Essential Oils to create these results.  Our Kandy Land is a great, stronger combination of all the oils, including CBD Oil and creates some amazing results. 

  And the newest additions are for our best friends, the pup pups in our lives.  We have the same combos for them, so we can help them calm down during some anxiety ridden times, like thunder or lightning storms with our Woof Woof Nite Nite. It has helped my pups with their separation anxiety issues. The Woof Woof Wake Up is great for giving some energy or endurance to our pups. (Or older dogs when needed!)  And for those pups that have some movement issues, we have a new and improved Woof Woof Kandy Land, which also has CBD Oil included with the wonderful essential oils. 

 We are so excited about our new products, but still getting the most excellent results with our Original Terpene Cream.  So come on down and try it out.  You will be most happy you did.

Nancy kept the party going with great music.

Root of Happiness out of Sacramento sent us some most excellent Kava for our party.  

Our New Terpene Creams and Essential Oils and even CBD Oils now available.

Chef Jim cooked up some mighty fine fixin's for the party.

Scroll down a while till you see more pictures of the store that were taken at the Grand Opening.

Nutrasumma's Apple Pie Pea Protein was a big hit, we sold out!

Everyone had a good time looking at our products.

The Grand Opening  went great !

Thanks to all that came and enjoyed all that great food made by former Hyatt chef, Jim.  We had great music by Nancy, lots of samples from Nutrasumma (everyone loved their new Apple Pie Protein) and  Teeccino Herbal  Coffees that aren't coffee and free cookies for everyone from Alternative Baking Company.  We had some new items that were tried, like our Kava from Root of Happiness and the Sweet Drops from Sweet Leaf.  They were also big hits.

It is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, so come in for Free  ​Chair Massage on Saturdays and sign up for some great drawings with your purchase. Try some free samples and get great specials on Source Naturals and Planetary Herbs

It got a little crazy toward the end of the party, but everyone had fun, lots of food, and lots of samples, and it turned out great.

​​​​​Welcome to The Herb Lady.

We are here to assist you on your road to healthWith lots of new products that our customers rave about having changed their lives to our good old standbys that have made a difference to our customers for years. So come on down to Rock Blvd. in Sparks ​and get healthy and happy again.

And our lovely Brenda evaded the camera, but she was a great asset as always that day.